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So you want to find productive pumper trucks to start operating a septic services company – that is great news! What are important steps to consider when beginning such a business?

  • Create separate business and marketing plans!
  • Carefully analyze the competition!
  • Hire qualified workers to have a competitive edge!

Once you’ve completed these steps, you’re ready to talk to the one company that specializes in finding the best-maintained, best-equipped pumper trucks for the septic services industry – Central Truck Sales of Miami! Call (305) 928-5316 and speak with the pumper truck pros at CTS!

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Why select Central Truck Sales as your go-to source for great used pumper trucks?

  • Outstanding company trusted by the used specialty truck industry!
  • Has extensive experience in selling and shipping trucks to a global market!
  • Makes sure every truck is personalized to meet each buyer’s needs!

Pick up your cell phone and call Central Truck Sales at (305) 928-5316 – your search for the best used pumper trucks will be over!

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