For everyone at Central Truck Sales, the ability to provide services to our clients in the United States, Canada, and many other spots around the globe is vitally important.  Thanks to better than 45 years in this line of work, we can say with great satisfaction that shipping is something we know well and can outshine much of our competition.  A purchase from Central Truck Sales means that we will ship your merchandise through freight companies that we know and trust to deliver our trucks – we provide the results of such knowledge to our customers as a courtesy.

We at CTS can handle any type of shipment – by truck in North American or by ship globally.  We know the companies that likewise excel in handling our trucks and can save you the time and uncertainty of trying to handle this on your own.  Rest assured that we will meet  your shipping needs – speed, cost, and trust – in the best way possible for you and on a timely basis.  If we have not answered your questions and concerns, call us and speak with one of our expert customer service representatives – rest assured, we will be sure that any truck you purchase is successfully delivered to your desired destination.